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Visitas a la Ganadería

About this activity:


Are you passionate about animals, eager to know more about the livestock world? You have come to the right place! My family owned, for several generations, an extensive select Charolais cattle farm, which we have now opened to the public in order to be able to show you the traditional farm life. Depending on the time of the year of your visit, you will be able to see the different farming practices as livestock feeding, the weaning of the offspring, sanitation… and, with a bit of luck, even the birth of a calf. A great experience for the entire family, especially for the little ones!



We will visit together our extensive select Charolais livestock, certified by the Association of Charolais Cattle Breeders of Spain, where we will show you all the secrets of the trade and the cattle specimens that we have.


Meeting point:

Agrotourism El Capriolo Centre, Travesía Mayor, 17, Garganta de los Montes, Madrid.


For whom?

Activity directed to animal lovers, groups and families, especially families with children.


The price includes:

1 hour visit (at least) of our livestock, fully explained and commented.


Minimum and maximum number of guests:

2 to 12 People



Spanish, English, Italian.



In the year 2008 our livestock was established as specializing in the breeding of Select Charolais Cattle, obtaining heifers and bulls of great genetic quality. Our passion and dedication for the breeding of Charolais cattle, has increased year after year, being compensated by the genetic improvements obtained year after year in their exploitation.


Today our exploitation, is made up of 80 livestock, between suckler cows, calves, heifers and stud bulls, with an annual production of approximately 40-45 calves of great value and quality genetics, a Charolais Cattle certified by the Association of Charolais Cattle Breeders of Spain of which we are members.


Actually they roam freely, in an area of 120 hectares, approximately 240 football fields. Where 80% of the feed used for our livestock is based on forage grasses and high mountain pastures, the remaining 20% comes in the form of feedstock or straw.

Finca " El Cuartel "

Our farm is certified for quality and Protected Geographical Identification such as:


 Protected Geographical Indication Meat of the Sierra de Guadarrama.


 This is mainly due to their extensive state of freedom, and the type of feed used which is very important for the growth and well-being of the animals where 80 per cent of its food supply is based on forage grasses of the Sierra de Guadarrama hence its Protected Geographical Indication, which in our livestock farm we respect and care.

Carnes Sierra de Guadarrama

Very close to our Agrotourism El Capriolo centre in one of the streets coming from the Plaza de Nuestra Señora de los Prados, called Calle Nueva in exactly number 6, you will find the Supermarket Butchers shop of our family.


 In which you will be able to find practically everything, but we recommend that you look in our typical products of the area section, and of course the great quality meat that we offer.


 We invite you o take with you some choice steaks or entrecots! in any of the visits you make to our Agrotourism El Capriolo centre at our municipality Garganta de los Montes.


 Ideal to throw in the skillet and eat, delicious!

Diputada comiendo paja

Perteneciente al Destino Sierra Norte

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