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Rutas 4x4 Panorámicas

Route to the lookout » Cabeza Del Cuadrón «


  • Trail to the Viewpoint Cabeza Del Cuadrón

Garganta de los Montes is a small village a few kilometers from Madrid, which has a great natural wealth, since it has some of the most beautiful valleys and forests of Spain. As a resident of the village, and a nature lover I propose an amazing panoramic route in a 4×4 vehicle with which we will discover all the riches and wonders of the Lozoya Valley: we will go to the Viewpoints of «Cabeza del Cuadrón», where we will be able to enjoy magnificent views of the Lozoya River on its way through the Pinilla, Riosequillo, and El Atazar reservoirs; we will immerse ourselves in the heart of one of the most beautiful valleys, where on our way we will be able to find roe deer, wild boars, foxes, squirrels, rabbits… as well as the flight of some Black Vultures, Griffon Vultures, Red Kites… a real sensory immersion!


We depart from Garganta de los Montes to discover the natural wonders of the Lozoya Valley in a comfortable panoramic 4×4 vehicle.

 Meeting point:

Agrotourism El Capriolo Centre, Travesía Mayor, 17, Garganta de los Montes, Madrid.

 For whom?

Activity aimed for all audiences, especially groups and families.

 The price includes:

Guided Route, fully commented, in a 4×4 vehicle through the valley of Lozoya of at least 1 hour.

 Minimum and maximum number of guests

2 to 10 People


Spanish, English, Italian.


The price of this tour is of 18€ per person

Rutas 4x4 panorámicas

Route to Alto de Matalapeña



This route is of a little longer duration that the first route Viewpoint Cabeza de ”El Cuadrón“ its duration is of 1:30 hrs. It includes the climb through the track that crosses the Garganta de los Montes pine groove to the rock or crag Matalapeña.

 A granite massif from which, once at the top, you will see a wonderful landscape where you will breath pure and fresh air. Fresh air coming from the dense forested mountains full of pine, oaks, poplars and ash trees that surround us. It is a magical place since its away from any population centres by a few kilometers, the wild animals that live there, roam and graze freely with no concern, so that, if we look with a thousand eyes.

We might see one!

As in the previous route we can see roe deer, wild boars, foxes, wildcats, squirrels as well as the flight of some Black Vultures, Griffon Vultures, Red Kites

In addition from that point, it is important to highlight the incredible views of our municipality Garganta de los Montes with the Lozoya Valley in the background.

The price of this tour is of 24€ per person

  Climbing Route to the Cabeza Cirvunal



To top it all! We offer you the last route, which is the longest of the three.  It has a duration of about 2:30 hrs, and is the climb to one of the highest peaks of our municipality called Cabeza Cervunal (about 1,831 meters of altitude)

It is somewhat difficult for the uninitiated in high mountain hiking since we go by car until the last track of the pinar alto, which tells us that to continue we must walk, but don’t worry because we are not in any hurry.

The first part is fascinating, since our adventure begins with the ancient Glacial Moraine thousands of years old that we must overcome in order to be able to continue, once we have passed the glacial Moraine, the climb is much easier.

 Once at the top, you will not want to climb down!

When you are at the highest point, almost

The whole region of Madrid’s Sierra Norte can be seen! 

But the most surprising part of the climb is that, from said Cabeza Cervunal, weather allowing, we will be able to see the City of Madrid!

With its most famous skyscrapers or «4 towers», and even with binoculars, we can see the Kio Towers of Plaza de Castilla and the «Torre Picasso» of Azca.



 You will be completely stunned!




 The price of this route is of 30€ per person



Garganta de los Montes desde las alturas
Mirador Cabeza de El Cuadrón

Perteneciente al Destino Sierra Norte

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